Summer vacations can be the moments in life when we throw caution to the winds and indulge ourselves in straying outside the normal budget and eating plan. For a few days, we often splurge on food, finances, and life itself. However, if you don’t want to come back from your vacation five or 10 pounds heavier and be faced with the prospect of having to lose belly fat (buzz-kill to your vacation high!), follow three simple tips to avoid piling on the calories and still enjoy your vacation.

Skip the Buffet

Having lunch or dinner at a buffet style restaurant can be inherently dangerous. Unhealth foods are displayed right in front of you alongside the healthier options. The fact that all that food is displayed right before your hungry eyes, makes it harder to say no and to prevent overeating. You can easily eat your entire daily caloric allotment all in one sitting.

It’s best to avoid buffets entirely to prevent temptation, but if you have no other choice, use a little willpower and choose more fruits and veggies while passing on everything in the dessert area. Also resist the temptation to sample everything laid out in the food service area, no matter how visually appealing it may be!

Include Exercise in Your Itinerary

Include as many outdoor or indoor exercises as you can into your vacation itinerary. If you’re going somewhere like Disney World for instance, make a point of getting in as much walking around the different parks as you can. If you’re at a scenic destination such as a National Park, include a good hike or biking trail as part of your fitness program. Don’t forget to pause and appreciate the beauty around you!

Even if you’re just visiting a relative in another city, there are ways you can include exercise as part of the visit. For instance, walk to nearby attractions with your relatives, take a tour around town on foot, or go for a swim at the local beach. Look for clever ways to make exercise part of your vacation.

Book Lodging with a Kitchen

One great way to avoid overeating, eating unhealthy food, or getting frustrated with your dietary restrictions at restaurants is to book your lodging with a kitchen. A place to create your meals frees you from having to eat out for every single mingle which can easily become a calorie fest over the course of a few days. Keep healthy snacks on hand, such as apples, blueberries, salad, and celery. You can also cook a healthy, low-carb meal of fish or chicken breast for lunch or dinner to avoid the high-calorie entrees you would typically find at a restaurant. Eating in will prevent you from bulging out.

Don’t get lazy with your health after your vacation either with the busyness of work and social activities! Drink lots of water, stock your fridge with fresh foods, and dive back into your routine.


  • Prevent Weight Gain on Your Summer Vacation