We consume sugar in much of our food without even realizing it. Artificial sugar and eating too much sugar can lead to harmful health side effects like migraines, fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, diabetes, and even cancer. Eliminate sugar from your diet and increase your health with these five tips.

Replace It

Gradually switch out the foods in your diet that is high in sugar for healthier options. If removing sugar is difficult for you, consider a diabetic diet that’s low in calories and fat and is nutrient-rich. A diabetic diet mainly consists of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Candy bars have an intense amount of sugar so next time you’re craving something sweet, opt for dark chocolate and enjoy its health properties. Instead of reaching for sugar-loaded fruit drinks and sodas choose sparkling water or fruit/vegetable-infused water to detox and lose weight.

Integrate Fruits and Vegetables

Instead of reaching for unhealthy sweets such as candy or cookies commit to a healthier diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables are often an affordable and delicious substitution. Low-sugar fruits include apples, grapefruit, and strawberries. Integrate sugar-free meals into your day and have healthy snacks on hand to avoid emotional eating or mindless snacking. When you’re craving sugar, boost your serotonin naturally with exercise, diet, and getting more sleep.

Know Your Sugars

Sugar isn’t always labeled as you would expect and hides under more than 56 different names. Search food labels for words ending in ‘ose’ such as high-fructose corn syrup, sucrose, maltose, and glucose. Molasses, agave, and brown rice syrup are also additional names for added sugars. Become educated on the difference between high-fructose corn syrup, white sugar, sugar in fruit, and sugar substitutions.

Keep a Journal

Keep yourself accountable and manage your cravings by keeping a journal of your cravings. Write out why you want to avoid sugar whether that’s to avoid headaches, have more energy, or to lose weight. When you’re struggling to resist a sugary treat, pull out your list.

Observe patterns of how your mood impacts your eating behavior and cravings. When you notice patterns, you can identify your triggers. Be honest with yourself about your triggers so you can make positive change in your diet and health.

Be Plain

Eating complicated foods can be fun and exciting but it often comes with a high cost at the grocery store. When in doubt, maintain your sugar-free diet by eating plain foods with simple ingredients. This also means the food label takes less time to read!

For example, you can find peanut butter with only a couple of ingredients like salt and peanuts. A no sugar diet can include foods such as avocado, hummus, or sparkling water. Experiment by creating your own salad combination with a homemade salad dressing using simple ingredients like lemon, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. Whip up homemade foods more often instead of eating frozen meals. Eat an energizing breakfast with no sugar added with these 10 recipes or grab a plain Greek yogurt with nuts.

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