Cenegenics-evaluationCustomized Solutions Designed Just For You

The foundation of the Cenegenics program is the Elite Health Evaluation. As soon as you make your appointment with Cenegenics Puerto Rico we will arrange for your basic assessment with your Cenegenics Puerto Rico physician.

This full day of testing establishes your hormonal, physiologic and fitness baseline, serving as the basis of your Cenegenics program. The components of the evaluation include:

  • Medical history and lifestyle assessment
  • Comprehensive blood tests
  • Physical exam
  • DEXA scan – determines bone density
  • Body composition scan – measures total and regional body fat
  • Nutritional Assessment and Personalized Nutritional Plan
  • Exercises Fitness Assessment and recommendations with an Exercises Physiology
  • CIMT (a specialized ultrasound of the carotid arteries) for heart attack and stroke risk assessment
  • Strength and flexibility assessment
  • VO2 testing – determines your aerobic fitness level and heart rate training zones
  • Neurocognitive testing
  • Open-ended physician consultation
  • Presentation of your ongoing action plan

The baseline provides you and Cenegenics an annual review for charting progress against your goals. Progress is evaluated by focusing on many factors, such as decreasing the risk of age-related disease, increasing physical and sexual vitality, improving sleep quality, increasing muscle tone, decreasing body fat and sharpened thinking.

This intensive set of diagnostics establishes your metabolic and physiologic baseline, revealing your greatest health strengths and weakest health links.

Our evaluation process helps identify and meet the criteria that will place you in the lowest possible risk category for disease—and extend your health span.

We use your evaluation baseline results to develop a personalized medical program designed to help you look and feel younger, and fully rejuvenated.