Change is a big part of being successful in the business world. This means you must constantly adapt to survive and to thrive. If you don’t learn to manage change and if you don’t move forward, your business will inevitably be left behind.

Change is also a big part of aging successfully. Normal aging is a gradual process that comes with certain changes in mental function. As we grow older, we develop some degree of decline in cognitive capacity that is revealed through symptoms like forgetfulness, waning ability to stay focused and decreased problem solving capacity.

“Although there is much variability in the degree of decline between individuals, depending on their lifestyle, psychosocial factors and family history, evidence accumulated from research reveals that mental decline need not be an inevitable part of aging for anyone,” says Dr. Claudia Villate, a specialist in internal medicine with more than 10 years of experience in Age Management Concierge Medicine at Cenegenics. “Understanding the changes that are taking place and managing them effectively can help you maintain ‘cognitive fitness’ no matter your age.”

It is now possible to manage many of the factors that contribute to age-related cognitive decline such as oxidative stress and free radical damage, chronic low-level inflammation, declining hormone levels (estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, pregnenolone), inner arterial lining (endothelium) dysfunction, insulin resistance, excess body weight, suboptimal nutrition, and high stress. Adapting your lifestyle proactively combined with hormonal and nutritional intervention has been shown to decrease and potentially reverse age-related cognitive decline.

Cenegenics, the leading authority on healthy aging, takes a holistic approach to the health challenges, then creates a thoughtful, step-by-step Elite Health program designed to help achieve lasting wellness. A comprehensive evaluation to establish the patient’s metabolic, physiologic, neurocognitive and fitness baseline is the foundation of this approach.

“The neurocognitive assessment uses scientifically validated tests to capture an objective view of five basic mental functions: memory, psychomotor speed, reaction time, complex attention and cognitive flexibility,” explains Dr. Villate. “This provides an added dimension to the patient’s clinical evaluation and generates useful data that can guide decisions about ongoing treatments or the need for additional diagnostic measures or referrals.”

The results become part of the Elite Health Evaluation base line which is used to create a personalized medical program designed to optimize health, resulting in sharper mental acuity, as well as general physical rejuvenation. Cognitive fitness is monitored and evaluated on an annual basis, measuring current state versus initial tests and adjusting the program accordingly.

“Keeping your brain in tip-top shape should be an ongoing process that takes into consideration all the changes in your health and lifestyle along the way,” advises Dr. Villate. “Dealing with changes in your health is as essential to surviving and thriving as a person as it is to the success of your business.”

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