When things go wrong in a fast world, many of us go for the quick fix. However, experienced business managers know that the fastest solution will not necessarily eliminate the problem in the long run. The quick fix generally delays and quite often exacerbates the problem rather than solving it, which is why a company should evaluate the source of the problem in a more in-depth manner after employing a temporary solution.

In our short-attention-span society we often look for quick-fix solution to our health challenges as well, not realizing that these “solutions” may in time contribute to our problems. To achieve and sustain optimal health, we need a perspective that incorporates but extends beyond our symptoms.

Cenegenics, the leading authority on healthy aging, takes a careful approach to the root cause of your health challenges, then creates a thoughtful, step-by-step Elite Health program designed to help you achieve lasting wellness. The Cenegenics Puerto Rico team of dedicated professionals led by Dr. Claudia Villate, a specialist in internal medicine with more than 10 years of experience in Age Management Concierge Medicine, is committed to providing state-of-the-art medical assessments and personalized health optimization strategies for busy individuals.

The foundation of the Cenegenics approach is comprehensive evaluation that establishes your metabolic, physiologic, neurocognitive and fitness baseline. This process helps identify and formulate the criteria that will move you into the lowest possible risk categories for disease. The resulting Elite Health base line is used to create a personalized medical program designed to optimize health, which can contribute not only to resolving your primary complaints, but also benefit your overall wellbeing in often unexpected ways such as increased physical and sexual vitality, improved sleep quality, increased muscle tone, decreased body fat and sharper mental acuity.

Progress is monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis, measuring current state versus goals and adjusting the program accordingly to help patients stay motivated and on track. The concierge medicine model means you will have easy access to your assigned physician and to the rest of your Elite Health Team composed of a nutrition and exercise counselor and a personal service coordinator.

Achieving lasting wellness should be an ongoing process that takes into consideration all the changes in your health and lifestyle along the way. The quick fix for one health problem will not make you healthy or well. After all, it took you quite some time and many contributing factors to get to your current state of health in the first place. If you take shortcuts, you get cut short.

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Caribbean Business – October 15, 2015