I was first interested in the program when a current Cenegenics client shared some details. The program has helped me to maintain my lifestyle which is a sports driven and very active one. It has also helped me in being more productive at work, since I don’t get tired, as I used to before, and now I feel with more energy. Today I’ve reached the weight I had set for myself as a goal, and also I’ve had an increase in muscular mass. My percentage of body fat has decreased from 26% to 17%. I’ve been able to eliminate the meds I used to take to control my glucose levels, and the one I used to take for my blood pressure, I’m now using less than half of what I used to take, and I only use it as a preventive measure.


I was first interested in the program because I had read a little about it and thru my friend Mario. I’m 47 and always had been active; interested in exercising and maintaining an active lifestyle which included: exercise, swimming, hiking mountains and cycling. Unfortunately, for reasons I didn’t understand, in the past three years I started to lose my desire and will to exercise, and also, I started to drink more alcohol, eat more red meats, sweets and carbohydrates. As a consequence, I gradually gained weight until I reached 262 pounds. In the last year I experienced an increment in my snore while sleeping, tiredness and will to do physical activities. All of which led me to a state of frustration and despair. It was then when I decided to give myself the opportunity to join Cenegenics Program.

Yesterday I reached my first 10 weeks in the program and frankly, I’m extremely happy of the decision I made, which finally has given me the energy I longed for. Not only that, I’ve found the Cenegenics Program to be a complete and balanced one, since it works thru a method that allows me to work with the principles that are the foundation for a long term program. I’ve acquired knowledge to understand where I am and where I should be (strive for) in the diverse disciplines: Nutrition, a good nutrition supported by vitamins and supplements. An exercise program designed for me. Follow up and thorough monitoring and analysis of quarterly checkups. And one of the elements that I didn’t expect and has been “Spectacular” – the support of Dr. Villate and the Cenegenics Team.

I’m extremely joyful with the results obtained during the first 10 weeks. I’ve gone back to running and scuba diving with more eagerness than ever. I’m training to run a half marathon and to hike Pico Duarte at the Dominican Republic. I hope that within a year, I’ll be able to reach my goal of being at my best physical condition ever and maintain it when I turn 50. Extremely thankful.


I’ve always been diligent about my health and have done exercise. After my retirement (after 55), I realized I was slowly gaining weight and surely losing control over it. From weighting 123 pounds at my 40s, I was already weighting 149 pounds for my 5 feet height. I was feeling tired, heavy and with muscular aches and pains. After a vacation, I called the phone number on a magazine ad I had seen on the plane. I was interested in the promo, since I noticed that Cenegenics emphasizes in preventive and restorative medicine. I knew something was happening to me, but conventional medicine had not detected what it was, even though I always did my routine checkups. I’m thrilled with the Program, since I was clinically evaluated and we have worked with each and every one of the conditions found, with the corresponding clinical follow up (lab tests and meds). The medical and nutritional support is one of its strongest areas. I’ve always felt guided and supported. They clarify my doubts and I’ve learned to eat and to have more discipline while grocery shopping. From weighting 149 pounds, I’m at 125 and feel full of energy, light and with the strength and will to undertake new projects. I recommend this wonderful Program!!!


In February 2012, I had friends visiting from Panama to celebrate my 40th birthday.  I had not seen some of them for quite some time and when they saw me their first reaction was mixed – happy to see me and at the same time concerned for my health.  I had gained substantial weight from 2010-2012.  It was then when my friends collectively made a group intervention and told me that I had to lose weight and told me that if I did not get my act together, I was not going to make it past 50.

One of my friends talked to me about an age management clinic based in Miami.  He spoke very highly of the program as he lost a significant amount of weight and recommended me to join. I looked into it but thought Miami, from a logistical standpoint, was not the ideal destination. Then I decided to do some research in PR for clinics that offered a similar program.  And after talking to several people, the name Cenegenics always came up. The feedback I gathered was extremely positive so I decided to schedule an appointment to learn more about the program.

The program has been a true blessing.  When the initial evaluation was conducted I failed in all cylinders, which I had never experienced in academics and as a professional. I then realized something was very wrong with my health condition.  My insulin levels were extremely high –  borderline pre-diabetes type II, high cholesterols levels, low testosterone levels, reduced strength, and high BMI, amongst others.  These results clearly indicated that I had to make a life change in terms of eating habits and exercise.  This is when Cenegenics stepped in – its professional staff developed a comprehensive balanced program to address all these issues.  I was given a thorough lecture about nutrition– they taught me what to eat, how to eat and when to eat. Cenegenics provided me with an exercise routine and dietary supplements to address all my medical deficiencies.  I think one important reason for me having attained the goals of losing weight and reaching normal medical metrics was the constant follow-up and supervision of the staff.  This is critical in the process because it keeps you focused and motivated.

Almost nine months since I started the program, I have lost close to 60 pounds and improved all my medical metrics– lower insulin levels, reduced cholesterol, higher testosterone, increased strength, reduced BMI levels.  Now I can say I aced the exam opposed to initial exam results.  I still have ways to go, but I am certain I will achieve the targeted goals that Cenegenics and I have jointly developed.  Again, I want to congratulate Dr. Villate and her talented staff in helping me achieve the desired goals, and I am certain that they will continue to do so.